TREATMENT FOR SEXUAL WEAKNESS, Sexual debility is nothing but lack of sexual vitality or inability to perform during sexual act. Sex is a major act in biological evolution. Without this it is seen that even a sweet relation between a couple lead to break.

Symptoms: When a patient suffers from sexual debility, he/she feels tired, low energy,fatigue, impotence along with lack of sexual desire and premature ejaculation. Sexual debility also brings nervousness, lack of confidence and lack of concentration.If sexual debility is not treated for a longer period of time, it can destroy patients health along with mental happiness there by affecting social life. Many patients complain of weak kidney, frequent urination along with lower back pain without any back bone damage.Sexual debility also invite irritation in the behavior of patient.

Reasons: Sexual debility may occur due to various reasons like over work,too much of physical exercise and mental pressure etc. It may even occur if patient is underweight or a victim of malnourishment where he can’t get proper energy. Even overweight is a major reason of sexual debility. Emotional factors like fear, strained relationship are also major reason of sexual debility.

As per Ayurveda sexual debility in most of the case is the result of excessive sex which results in exhaustion. Ayurvedic Treatment: As Ayurveda says, excessive sex might be one of the major reason of sexual debility, patients should stay away from sexual act during the treatment process. Controlling the mind is one of the best solution to treat sexual debility. controlled exercise helps a lot in controlling unusual desire. Yoga is considered best for this kind of treatments.

As lack of energy is one of the major reason of sexual debility, tonification therapy is generally prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors. Patient can take diary products, ghee, nuts, garlic, onion, shellfish, meat in diet as these are rich in nutrients and anti-vata in nature.

Aswagandha, Shatavari, Bala, Cuscuta etc herbs are highly beneficial for the patient.Kapikacchu(Mucuna pruriens) is one of the welknown herb to treat sexual debility. Aswagandha compounds and Chyavanprash are few Ayurvedic medicines generally prescribed in this condition which can be taken with milk or ghee.

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